New Production Facility, Retford


New Production Facility

The project consisted of the construction of a new 7150m² manufacturing facility, incorporating a 715m² two storey office facility located in the South East corner. The project also included forming a new entrance to the site off Randall Way and extending the existing entrance to the site off Sloswicke Drive where barriers have been provided to monitor entering onto the site and paladin fencing and gates have been installed. 

The construction is a steel framed building founded on traditional concrete stanchion bases with a power floated reinforced concrete floor. There are two lots of mezzanine floors, one is over the sigman area and one above the office area. 

There is also a blast room area formed by brickwork and a separate plant room to house all new services such as gas, water and electrical services that have been brought to the site. 

The facility is clad with built up cladding to the roof and 1No. Elevation. The other 3no. Elevations are cladded with insulated cladding panels with curtain walling forming the front entrance area and powder coated aluminium frames to the two storey office area. There are also two canopies over the entrance area. One entrance area is for the office staff and visitors and the other entrance is for the workforce. 

A platform lift is provided in the corridor opposite the main staircase to the 1st floor area.